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The objective of the Vodafone Chair for Mobile Communications Systems at the TU Dresden is to carry out leading-edge research to advance wireless communications technology and solve industry relevant problems related to next generation wireless systems. Thorough fundamental research as well as close industry co-operations are key to the success of our projects. Wireless/mobile communications are driven by three industry branches, namely

  • Network operators,
  • Equipment manufacturers and
  • Semiconductor manufactures.

with each branch having a different view on problems and solutions. Each of these viewpoints are addressed in our research ensuring that the results have practical relevance and significance. The Vodafone Chair thus welcomes industry contacts and partnerships to help meet this objective.

The chair's current focus lies on physical layer research, with a special emphasis on wireless radio network problems (wireless networks capacity), wireless modems (baseband algorithms), RF imperfections and IC implementation architectures. Of particular interest are problems and solutions, which are found in a tradeoff between these focus areas. The large variety of projects and work performed at the chair also aims at encouraging graduates to start their own companies.

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Recent papers, journal articles and theses:

  • G. Fettweis, M. Dörpinghaus, J. Castrillon, A. Kumar, C. Baier, K. Bock, F. Ellinger, A. Fery, F. Fitzek, H. Härtig, K. Jamshidi, T. Kissinger, W. Lehner, M. Mertig, W. Nagel, G. T. Nguyen, D. Plettemeier, M. Schroter and T. Strufe Architecture and advanced electronics pathways towards highly adaptive energy-efficient computing Proceedings of the IEEE (Proc. IEEE) 2019
  • S. Szott, S. Kühlmorgen, V. Tervo, O. Adigun, M. Natkaniec and K. Kosek-Szott Impact of Lossy Forwarding on MAC and Routing Design in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks IEEE Network Magazine (NetMag) Sep 2019
  • S. Ehsanfar, M. Chafii and G. Fettweis Time-Variant Pilot- and CP-Aided Channel Estimation for GFDM Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'19) May 2019
  • M. Schlüter, M. Dörpinghaus and G. Fettweis Bounds on Phase and Frequency Estimation from 1-bit Quantized Signals with Phase Dithering Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'19) May 2019
  • A. Nimr, M. Chafii and G. Fettweis Precoded-OFDM within GFDM Framework Proceedings of the VTC IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring'19) May 2019
  • L. Scheuvens, M. Simsek, A. Noll Barreto, N. Franchi and G. Fettweis Framework for Adaptive Controller Design Over Wireless Delay-Prone Communication Channels IEEE Access (IEEEACC) Apr 2019

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Research Projects & Cooperations

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Recent startups and foundations:

2018 // Barkhausen Institut gGmbH
Development of an IoT platform

2015 // Commsolid GmbH
Acquired by Goodix in 2018
Cellular IoT chip IP

2014 // Visinaut Vision in Automation GmbH
Machine vision for manufacturing

2013 // Airrays GmbH
Adaptive antenna technology

Industry Partner Programme

The Industry Partner Program (IPP) facilitates a platform for companies to sustain close contact to on-going research activities at our chair. The sponsoring program provides an opportunity for companies:

  • to support our research activities,
  • to enhance teaching, e.g. by giving guest lectures,
  • to present themselves to students, e.g. by holding workshops and seminars on our premises,
  • to get in closer touch with our researchers, and
  • to obtain first hand updates on our activities.

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